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Our learning strategy is more than a yearly action plan. It includes the why, what and how of capability development.

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Our L&D operates with a well-defined governance model and strong buy-in from the leadership team and the L&D community.

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In our company, learning opportunities and people development are part of every performance development discussion that line managers have with their team members.

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Our company continuously builds a positive learning climate, with focus on recognition of employee learning and applying knowledge sharing.

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Our learning initiatives are always supported by learner marketing activities and internal communication.

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Informal learning is encouraged through communities of practice, mentoring and performance support.

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Our learning design methods are agile and learning science-based, with strong performance consulting at the start.

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Our learning offer aims to provide a personalized learning experience, based on data-driven design and learners' real needs.

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Our employees can access their learning anytime, anywhere and on any device (ATAWAD).

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Learning happens in the flow of work as our learning ecosystem is fully integrated within the bigger digital ecosystems like CRM, HRIS, Office365, including virtual meetings and collaboration tools.

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Our learning analytics are systematic and reliable, with a focus on impact and performance metrics.

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Our KPIs are systematically defined at the start of each learning initiative, and relate to desired and measurable business outcomes.

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